Thursday, August 23, 2007

wow, where are you ? (where am I?)

Beats Eat Dirt bit the dust on the airwaves in the presummer of '07.

Beats Eat Dirt Is Dead!

Long Live

nocturnal remissions with ben wobbles,

til nocturnal remissions
gets it's own place try

for yummy dub music

Thursday, February 01, 2007

it's the 2007 Tree Frog Radio Spring Schedule !

go ahead click and then print this schedule to know when all your new and old favorite tree frog radio shows are scheduled this spring.
(when printing please do remember to set your print to "landscape" orientation not "portrait". :0)

Thursday, September 28, 2006

once apon a "beats eat dirt" radio show download

is a very old show, poor sound quality, but for sentimental reasons is the first beats eat dirt radio show available for downloading

Friday, June 16, 2006

Great Times At The Jamicaian Fun raiser !

well first off, wow I'm sure noticing I'm only blogging about once a month now or so, oh well it's starting to be summer time and there is just (really) is alot of stuff going on in me life right now so if you want more regular updates here well ... you're just going to have to pay me !

Had a great "Best Of/Worst of Beats Eat Dirt Season 1" show this past Wednesday June 14th. alot of Allen Ginsberg reading poetry and singing made it into the mix, that was cool.

Yes indead the "Tree Frog Radio" Jamacian Fun raiser(last weekend) sure was a blast ! Great ital food, good people, good vibes, dub and other tasty selections on the dancefloor (all the dj's were really great, nice mixs everyone !) and 60 peoples came out for dinner, nice, nice !

once a month treefrogradio dances
at the back hall zounds like a killer idea to me(as long as the dj line up changes completely, like everytime.)

With some of the funds raised we can soon enjoy a new(or newer anyway) mixing board at the station and maybe some other well needed equipment too, like microphones and 2 direct drive
turntables ( I know I've been dreaming of a fully functioning direct drive turntable for some time now, we will see we will see !)

As we carry on into "Season 2" I'd like to take a moment to say :
To all the listeners of "Beats Eat Dirt" a big up, super d duper THANK YOU 4 LISTENING and soon( I know I've been promising 4 far too long) o so soon I will get me self together and start offering mp3s of the show (4 free of course ;-) here or even at a fully hosted website !

a good doctor has good patience,
a great doctor has a great stash !

til next time make mine 89.1 fm the mighty nearly ninety, tree frog, free frog radio !

Monday, May 08, 2006

Right Now The Beat Doctor is Down In Cali

(this is not a picture of me :0)

eating such good food,

getting as fat as a hippo,

listening to whirled musak,

baking in the sunshine,

even playing the harpsicord some,

changing my out-look every day,

hanging with friends,

seeing god(?!) in all the details (so many cars every where !) .

burning music mp3 cd like mad 4 the show !

(this is not a picture of the Tree Frog Radio studio :0)

and having some quality family time,

swimming with the ducks and coyotes,
and still figuring out where, o where am I going to host all these mp3s of the show 4 your enjoyment of season 1 and 2 of
"Beats Eat Dirt".
(anybody out there who can help out with this,
web storage/free hosting thing please do email me !
- usdigsounds @ gmail . com - )

basically I'm on holiday from most things Tree Frog Radio related (and loving it !)
recharging, relaxing, and ready 4 more !

(and I just wanted to share some silly pictures with you all too!)

so til next time,
... make mine cali fine !
Dr. Beats

Sunday, April 30, 2006

End of April

wow too much was happening in April to even write one or two blogs all month !
Anyway here is the latest on "Beats Eat Dirt" and Tree Frog Radio 89.1 FM
(from my prospective anyway).
Dr. Beast will be gone for 2 weeks in May, (Family Birthdaze you know!)
and so hopefully the fully able ready and confident Dj. Manx will be sitting in the "Darth Vader Chair of (d)Hope" spinning for your delite the next 2 weeks,lets see how he does, (you all text message your opinions to 1-800-who-cares only $7.50 a call)!
I am recording all my shows to cassette tape (ouch!) and am looking into file hosting options on the web so really we should all be able to "hear" the show whenever we want via podcast, download, or possible (not bloody likely) streaming. I can not play and record the show on the same computer at the station so if someone want to donate a really good (lots of memory) computer to da station I will be able to record the show straight to digital format and get it up on the web all the more quickly and sound quality wise a bit better than dubbed from cassette tape (ouch, ouch!).
email me if YOU would like to donate a great computer (or anything else really) to the station.

lots of really great show happened this month, 2 retro 70's super soul and funk sessions,a couple a allnighters dance til you drop sesions happened, some interesting poetry and more, it'll just keep getting better and butter as times goes on (I hope anyway), soon it will be summery and lots of good times and live and canned music will be happening so ... stay tuned .
check out east village radio online for some interesting music too !
til next time we meet make mine "Beats Eat Dirt" every wednesday night on the mighty nearly ninety 89.1 fm community minded local free radio.

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peace out y'all !

Monday, March 13, 2006

After a couple of daze off air Tree Frog Radio figures out it's power troubles !

and now that we have our power source back up and "running", Beats Eat Dirt is sure to reappear on Wednesday night !
And it looks like I will be able to link to my mp3s of the shows soon (but I won't be hosting them myself yet so it will be a 2 click operation but still worth the extra minute of your time!).
Should have the first round of the downloads available by Friday March 17th.
next hurdle will be re-acquainting myself with html so I can really get this page to look and "feel" like it could, til then make mine
Tree Frog Radio in glorious monophonic sound 89.1 on your frequently modulating dial !
Later, Dr. Beats

Saturday, February 25, 2006

Friday, February 24, 2006

Every Wednesday Night on Tree Frog Radio 89.1 fm

Dr. Beats ( Yes I... ) appear on a wild and crazy train wreck of a musical ride now known as "Beats Eat Dirt" on Tree Frog Radio 89.1 fm and soon oh so soon (as I figure out all this grand technology) I'll be leaving links to the recorded mp3s of that weeks show, truly bringing the original idea
(Da Internet Radio Transmissions...DIRT RADIO) full circle.
Yeah groovy baby, I know, I know !

Delicious Island Radio Transmissions presents:
“Beats Eat Dirt”
Every Wednesday 7 pm til 11 pm or until we all fall down !
on Tree Frog Radio 89.1 fm
House, Trance, Ambient, Electronica, Techno,
Ill Bent, Trip Hop, Goa, Drum and Bass, Dub,
Urbane and all kinds of other Genres and Sub-Genres,
are the defining words in Dance Music today,
but really where do all these great dance strains come from ?
Did they all spring up fully formed from the Ecstasty
mindfields of early pioneer Ravers ? No, of course not.
All music has a history, Dance Music is no exception.
Who can truly say where and when “Dance Music”
first began ? I certainly can’t, I know that much.
“Dance Music” is by its very definition, any music that
can get your groove grooving,and your body
moving, whether on the dance floor, cooking in the kitchen,
or even out in the fields while you are supposed to be working.
Just like the Beet that takes hold and is nourished by the Dirt,
so too on “Beats Eat Dirt” we will trip the switch back and forth
on the way back machine and travel to a land and time of Jazz,
Swing,Blues,Early Experimental, Disco, Funk,and all the “dirty” dance
sounds that make up the fertile ground from which today’s flavours of dance
music come from, and return to, to be nourished and renewed again and again.
Come travel with Dr. Beats back and forth, to yesterday and today as we get our
groove on and dance the night away !

Dance like no one is watching and the revolution is already here!